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Root Ye Suhani

         Music Composer, Music Arranger, Instrument/Rhythm Performer, Lyricist, Producer        Oasis Thacker

Singer: Ram Shankar

Singer: This song is performed by Bollywood's very talented singer. The name will be announced when the album is released.

Oasis Thacker

Dear friends,

Welcome again to Club_Oasis with the new release 'Root Ye Suhani'. Thank you for your overwhelming visits to listen to 'Shyamal' and the Remix of 'Mud Mud Ke Naa Dekh'. Like 'Shyamal' I wrote and composed this song in 1995, and recorded in 1997. After the album 'Shyamal' was put on hold, I got busy with other projects, and this song remained unpublished. Thanks to internet, I am slowly presenting my music to all of you.

I love all my compositions. I don't publish songs that are not of high standards. So why this song is one of those special songs close to my heart? When I composed this song (and 'Shyamal'), I cried (of over joy) for about 5 minutes. I could not believe, I could compose such a classy tune.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.

Oasis Thacker

Strict copyrights: Oasis Thacker. Not permetted to make a copy or put for download by anyone but Oasis Thacker (The owner)
रुत ये सुहानी
गीत-संगीतः घनश्याम ठक्कर
Root Ye Suhani [This Beautiful Season]
Music & Lyrics: Oasis Thacker

रुत ये सुहानी, सपने मिलन के,

नगमे रचो तुम आज जीवन के.


नयनों पे करिश्मा काजल का, या सूरज श्यामल-मखमल का?

पंखडियों तेरा बदन छूए, ये अर्थ नया एक 'कोमल' का.

सूने दर्पन,

मायुस मन,

है तृषित  तुम्हारे तन दर्शन के.

रूत ये सुहानी, सपने मिलन के


तकरीर तुम्हारे कंगन की, तकदीर हमारे आंगन की,

कलियों को हुस्न परस्ती दो, तहरीर ये मेरे गुलशनकी!

लट से पवन तक,

कलियों के मन तक,

भाग खुले हैं इस मधुवन के.

रुत ये सुहानी, सपने मिलन के.





This Beautiful Season, and  dreams of union

Today, compose songs of life


Magic of collyrium in the eyes, or The Sun made of black velvet?

'The touch of petals on your countenance', is the new meaning of 'soft'

Lonely mirrors,

Disappointed heart,

Thirsty for your sight.

This Beautiful Season, and  dreams of union

Today, compose songs of life


The recitals of your bangles...are the good fortunes of my courtyard!

'Spread a mania of your beauty amongst the buds', is the document of my garden.

From the loose strand of your hair to the blowing wind,..

To the hearts of the buds....

The doors of good fortune are now open in my garden!

This Beautiful Season, and  dreams of union

Today, compose songs of life